Friday, January 8, 2016

Abundance Mindset

by Janet M. Shlaes, Ph.D.

“Approach life knowing there will be plenty to go around.”  ~ Frank McKinney

Are you a glass half-full or glass half-empty kind of person? Do you tend to move through your life noticing and focusing on what is or isn’t working? How you view and interpret your world determines your perceptual filters, emotional state, self-esteem, life-story and primary way of moving through the world. Those with a half-full or abundance mindset embody perceptual filters that scan the environment for what is currently working well, as well as for people, events and details to appreciate. The main advantage of this type of mindset originates from the reality of “what you focus on tends to expand.” Focus on what is working and you notice and acquire more of what works. Focus on events, details and people to appreciate and they rapidly accelerate in volume and quality.  I invite you to try on a glass half-full abundant mindset for a few days and notice the delightful difference in your experience in the world. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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