Monday, December 30, 2013

Success Game

We’ve all experienced this phenomenon in various areas of our lives. A set of strategies and behaviors that we’ve successfully and repeatedly utilized suddenly cease to work. We’re left wondering: “What happened?” If you’re like the majority of people in the world, you will continue to use your familiar strategies until it’s impossible to ignore their ineffectiveness. You may now be additionally wondering: “Why doesn’t that strategy work?” Let me explain what happened. Your successful result ultimately changed the game that you were in. Now, whether you realize it or not, whether you like it or not, the rules of the game have changed as well. You now need a different set of strategies and skills in order to successfully play the new game.

How we move through the world and how we do business has completely shifted at warp speed in the past decade. Consider the evolution of mobile phones, computers, books and marketing, to name a few. For most of us, our mobile phones are now providing many of the functions that only desktop computers provided several years ago. Our mobile phones serve as connection devices on a myriad of levels – phone, text, email, GPS, internet, personal concierge, etc. “Smart Phones,” which used to be unique, are now essential relationship and business tools; we are at a communication disadvantage without this tool. The success of the Smart Phones changed the meaning of competition, the way we do business, the way we manage our relationships and our expectations for instant communication gratification. In other words, success changed the game, the rules of the game and the skills and mindsets required to play the game.

For a variety of reasons, I see this ongoing game change as a good thing.  Mainly, it provides us with an ongoing challenge directly leading to the expansion of our competence. An added bonus is that it keeps life interesting and exciting as innovation and creativity serve to generate next level vision, results and skills. What is your experience with success changing the various games you are involved in?


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