Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Work-Life Balance Fallacy

by Janet M. Shlaes, Ph.D.

Taking on the goal of work-life balance is essentially a set-up for failure – a circus balancing or juggling act that is always potentially one second away from disaster. It’s precarious at best – juggling balls or spinning plates on sticks crashing down on us and the people that we care most about. So what’s the solution to the work-life balance fallacy, you may be asking? I suggest that an alternative approach that embodies a whole different type of energy is within your reach. Imagine how different your life and emotional state would be if, instead of attempting the impossible dream of work-life balance, you embraced the elegant dance of Work-Life Harmony? Work-Life Harmony is both a strategy and a mindset that unfolds over the course of a lifetime; it contains the space for achievement and meandering, a winning combination that allows for breathing space and the bringing together of your highest priorities and values. Work-Life Harmony acknowledges and honors the reality that you are wonderfully imperfect, rather than a spreadsheet human doing machine. Most importantly, a Work-Life Harmony approach empowers you to be fully present to and enjoy your life, however imperfect it may be at any point in time. I invite you to step into the elegant energy of the Work-Life Harmony mindset for a day or two or three and notice the delightfully unique and graceful dance that is your one and only life!

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