Friday, January 10, 2014

Learn Something New

Learn something new. Imagine the impact of embracing this bold directive in all areas of your life. If you’re similar to most people living a dynamic life in an already over scheduled world, you might be generating several why, how and when type questions in response to this command. Let me explain the benefits of this daring approach to life.

There is something quite powerful that gets released in us when we commit to an ongoing learning lifestyle. It’s the modern equivalent of the Zen Beginner’s Mind. Learning something new serves to activate our curiosity, openness and creativity, thus simultaneously expanding our comfort and competence zones. The process of learning facilitates our capacity to “connect the dots” in new and unusual ways. Learning serves to increase our enjoyment and interest in the world and simultaneously serves to make us more enjoyable and interesting to others; we become more engaged in and committed to growth and healthy positive expansion. Ironically, we increase the likelihood of next level results, life satisfaction and success.

Opportunities to learn something new are abundant, including: print and social media; degree and certification programs; athletic skills and endeavors; cultural venues including theater, dance, lectures and museums; visiting new neighborhoods via a curiosity mindset; TED Talks and other online learning venues; experiencing old neighborhoods with fresh senses; and, listening to others from a place of openness, curiosity and respect. The most important aspect of learning something new is to do so with a childlike sense of wonder. Seeing the world through fresh eyes can be an exhilarating experience. When should you start? The best time to learn something new is right now. Try on this way of being in the world and find out for yourself. What new learning will you engage in today?


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