Thursday, August 7, 2014

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Presence

Leadership and Presence

Although various organizational contexts demand a variety of leadership approaches, all leaders need to embody the essential quality of presence in order to inspire and motivate others to contribute their time and talent in service of organizational mission, vision and outcome goals. Presence is usually attributed to more superficial leadership qualities such as the way one carries and conveys oneself, including confidence, composure, decisiveness, and highly developed communication skills. These skills are all necessary, but not sufficient for successful leadership over time.
Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Presence

The type of presence essential for optimal leadership across contexts is derived from personal competency in the four domains of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Mastery/competence in each of these domains requires leadership presence, both internally and externally. You need to be fully present to your internal landscape to:
·         Recognize when your emotions are triggered, along with their impact on others;

·         Initiate and support a flexible, adaptable and pro-active bias toward action;

·         Know your strengths and limitations;

·         Exhibit integrity in challenging situations consistent with personal and organizational values;

·         Embody a realistic, positive and inspiring viewpoint.

You need to be present to others in order to:

·         Understand and be empathic to others;

·         Recognize and optimally meet customer needs;

·         Understand and optimally maneuver through the organizational political landscape;

·         Inspire and guide groups and empower others to improve performance;

·         Initiate and manage change;

·         Optimally anticipate and resolve conflict;

·         Build collaborative teams and shared vision and goals.

Authentic presence empowers you and others that you encounter in your professional and personal lives. This type of presence, embodied in the four EI domains can be learned; it is essential in order for success in leadership and in life and requires attention to your internal and external landscapes. What one action will you commit to take today to develop presence in your personal or professional life?


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