Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting to the Heart of an Issue

Truly getting to the heart of an issue can be challenging at times. When I was younger and quite naïve in many ways, I thought that getting to the heart of an issue required looking at the issue from a sophisticated intellectual level. I was wrong! What I have come to realize over time is that getting to the heart and soul of an issue requires going to a much deeper emotionally present level, a level beyond the surface of our limiting ego. As an organizational and career development psychologist, fully understanding the need to move beyond the surface level has been paradigm shifting for myself and others. Think of this as the equivalent of shifting from engaging in a single loop intervention approach (addressing the issue symptom) to a double loop intervention approach (addressing the causal dynamics of the issue at hand).

 I invite you to recall a time when you were in an argument with someone about something that both of you thought was critically important at the time. Each of you was strongly committed to your personal point of view, as well at to “being right.”  Ultimately, your respective commitment to “being right” resulted in feeling disconnected, angry and frustrated. Perhaps, with a bit of time, wisdom and a sense of humor, you were able to get to the heart of the issue, which usually was not about what you were arguing about. It’s highly likely that the real issue at the causal or heart level was about wanting to feel more connected, respected and engaged in the relationship.

 Think about it…….


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