Friday, September 5, 2014

Presence & Priorities

Lately, I have been noticing the increasing gap between words and actions in myself and in others. This appears to be showing up repeatedly around the gravitational pull of technology. Don’t get me wrong. I am a lover of technology, dearly treasure my essential technological gadgets and greatly appreciate what technology does to ease our work and increase our sense of connectedness. I am increasingly aware that there are also costs attached to this form of increased connection.

So……what have I noticed lately beyond the usual people walking down the street talking, texting or checking email on their phones? I have increasingly noticed that connection via technology often provides the illusion of connection and experience at the expense of real connection and experience. This has shown up lately in various professional meetings and visits to museums, art galleries and playgrounds. I find it disturbingly sad to see people sitting on a bench in an art museum or a playground focusing on their email, texts, etc. rather than on the amazing work of art in front of them or their miraculous offspring. I would imagine that if asked, each of these individuals would talk about valuing art, beauty and the miracle of life.

Our actions, rather than our words, are the ultimate proof of what we truly value. We, myself included, often choose actions that are not aligned with what we truly value in life in. I invite each of you to step back on a daily basis to observe your words and behaviors and assess whether your actions and words are aligned with what you profess to truly value. I personally commit to observe, assess and align my words, values and actions moving forward. What about you?


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