Thursday, December 24, 2015

Embrace Mistakes

by Janet M. Shlaes

“Doing means learning. Learning means mistakes.”  ~ Jeffrey Pfeffer

Mistakes have frequently been presented as something to fear and avoid and perfection as the ideal goal to pursue. Unfortunately, the perfection objective is an elusive and dangerous one.  According to Stanford researcher, Carol Dweck, the perfection oriented aspiration ultimately serves to impede growth and stifle intellectual capacity. The results of her research identify two fundamental types of mindsets – fixed and growth. The fixed mindset views intelligence as embodying a set upward limit, while a growth mindset is one that views ability occurring in a growth continuum. In the evolutionary range of the growth mindset, mistakes are the guideposts that can improve performance over time. Rather than intentionally avoiding mistakes and limiting our potential, a growth mindset results in our identifying and learning through mistakes. Her brief Ted Talk (Carol Dweck: The Power of Believing You Can Improve) provides the essence of her research, as well as the intellectual gains achieved via embracing the inevitable mistakes that guide our learning and expansion.

I invite you to view her Ted Talk and reflect on where in your unique world you can embrace mistakes as your guide to ongoing growth and improvement.


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