Friday, June 21, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 1 - 30 Day Challenge

Hello Again!

In spite of my best intentions, it has been forever since I have posted in this blog. Why, you might ask, has it been so long? I have asked myself this very same question many times and have yet to come up with a viable answer. It’s been easy to come up with lots and lots of excuses from “not enough time” to “nothing to say,” but definitely not viable reasons. We all have time and a lot to say. So, after watching a TED talk by Matt Cutts regarding his “30 Day Challenge,” I am committed to posting something every day for 30 days on this site. What will happen after the official 30 days remains to be seen.

Having made the 30 day commitment several days ago, amazing things have happened in my inner world.  Lots of questioning – “What are you thinking of? Where will you find the time? What will you write each day for 30 days? What if you forget a day, then what? What if you you have nothing to say? What if what you write is garbage?” On and on and on went my inner dialogue and critic for a few days.  Then, the “What Questions” started shifting to the “Wows,” as in “Wow, what fun it will be to explore new ideas, thoughts and questions that have been floating around in my mind! Wow, imagine the personal and professional growth that will result from committing to the 30 Day Challenge?  Wow, what a stretch it will be to jump into the realm of good enough.”

So, here is the first post of my 30 Day Challenge. Matt Cutts, in his TED talk, spoke about small changes increasing the likelihood of sustainability. Here’s to small changes via daily posts for 30 days leading to something surprising and delightfully sustainable.
What 30 Day Challenge are you willing to commit to in your life?


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