Friday, December 18, 2015

Authentic Success


by Janet M. Shlaes, Ph.D.

“Success is like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you are tired – you quit when the gorilla is tired.  ~ Robert Strauss

Authentic success is a personal experience, derived from achieving something that is both personally meaningful and aligns with your core values. Non-authentic success, derived from the accomplishment of something motivated by external factors can feel meaningless and empty. Authentic success often results after a struggle with both internal and external factors. I have found that authentic success is worth the struggle that comes before the result. Most people will end their struggle when feeling the inherent exhaustion in the challenge; this profound feeling of fatigue can be quite seductive in terms of ending the pursuit of a goal.  This is the exact moment when you need to revisit your initial motivation and recommit to your goal. When I am faced with the inherent exhaustion of “wrestling a gorilla,” I have learned, over time and with experience, to step back for a moment to reconnect with my original motivation and recommit to the task at hand. I will actually ask myself: “Am I still committed to this goal?” The answer is usually “YES!” Somehow, this very simple question serves to elicit the requisite energy to move forward.

What do you tend to do when you experience exhaustion in pursuit of a goal? What question or action could serve to provide you with the inner resources to move forward?


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