Monday, March 31, 2014

Should, Could, Accomplish

Our lives tend to be filled with “should” and “could” messages - sometimes externally generated and sometimes internalized from significant others and society. “Should” messages, when we fail to follow through on them, serve less as a motivating force and more as a means to punish and feel really bad about ourselves.

“Could” messages are about actions that we believe are possible to take, if we only had the time, money, resources, skills, support, motivation, etc. “Could” messages are often closely related to “should” messages and leave us feeling even worse when we don’t follow through on them. After all, there’s no one to blame but ourselves when we fail to follow through on something that is entirely within the realm of the possible. Often, even when we follow through on a “should” or a “could,” we tend to experience a lack of enjoyment with and connection to our accomplishment.

Why is it so challenging to follow through on “should” and “could” messages in your life? What’s the missing link here?  I propose the missing link is an optimal blend of passion and alignment – passion for what we love to do and choices that align with our deepest values. When passion and alignment are present, work often feels like play. Time, resources and support appear, our hard work feels effortless, motivation abundantly and elegantly flows from a seemingly unlimited source and our accomplishments feel deeply satisfying.

I invite you to consider moving beyond “should” and “could” in your life at a speed that honors you and your unique way of being in the world. I also invite you to focus on bringing more passion and alignment into your choices. Try on this manner of being in the world and notice how passion and alignment become delightfully integrated into your life.
What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? 


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