Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Space Between….

The Space Between is the painful and disorienting space between what no longer is and what has not yet unfolded. This type of space often feels highly uncomfortable and more than a tad risky. We know what we have left behind or what has left us behind and we are unsure of what is on the other side of the Space Between. When we are able to be fully present, the Space Between can be a highly fertile space of healing, rejuvenation, opportunity, creativity and conduit for next level results. Change can be both internally and externally generated. What tends to be similar in both types of change is the Space Between. In organizations, external change is often initiated by shifts in economic and competitive factors, with the resultant imperative for strategic change interventions and/or organizational restructuring.

Each of us has a unique relationship with the experience of change and the Space Between. Some of us fight change, some embrace it, some deny it, and some attempt to rush through it. Whatever tends to be our characteristic approach to change, a constant in each of our lives is the power and potential inherent within the Space Between. There are no shortcuts in this critical space; attempts to ignore or bypass the Space Between can result in both prolonging the discomfort of and increasing the inherent risks in change. We can choose to optimize the Space Between as a catalyst for re-creating ourselves and our organizations and generating powerful next level results.  The approach that I utilize when working with individuals and organizations in the Space Between incorporates what I refer to as the 7-R Process. Each person/organization will utilize the elements of the 7-R Process in a unique non-linear manner.

The 7-R Elements include: Recognition, Retreat, Reflection, Reconnection, Redesign, Responsibility and Reaching Out. Recognition regarding being in the change process and the Space Between is critical for ownership, motivation and volition. Approaching the Space Between as a Retreat space, allows us to replenish and grow in strength, knowledge, skills, connections and wisdom. Through this Retreat mindset, we can fully utilize the Space Between as a means to slow down in service of more quickly moving forward. Reflection incorporates taking a meta-perspective of the change itself, the etiology of the change and one’s emotions and meaning connected to the change. Reconnection involves our relationships with personal, professional and organizational values, mission and vision – critical elements for the Redesign process. The Reaching Out element of the 7-R approach is vital for staying connected to ourselves and others within and outside of our organizations. Support is an important component of the Space Between and it’s essential to take Responsibility regarding engaging others to provide the requisite support, skills and mindsets to facilitate powerful and respectful change strategies and ambitious/realistic implementation timelines.

Change and the Space Between can be challenging, powerful and, through utilization of the 7-R approach, a highly empowering and creative space to facilitate next level results. How will you utilize your Space Between?


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