Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Several years ago the concept of “Random Acts of Kindness” was in vogue. In many ways, it appeared on the scene as a type of game. For example, one would pay the toll for the person who followed them in the toll booth lane or perform some small anonymous act of generosity. There was no direct connection between the giver and the receiver and the receiver was often left feeling perplexed. I would like to suggest an alternative to this game. This alternative is a way of being in the world on a daily basis – living your life through the core value of “Regular Acts of Kindness.” My sister Natalie embodies this way of being in the world in everything she does – personally and professionally. She built a legal career of excellence and contribution as a public defender and she would lovingly and graciously give her last dime to someone in need. As busy as her life was when she was raising two children as a single mother, she always made time to help out in her community, going grocery shopping for house bound adults and visiting others who, if not for her, would be completely isolated. Her “Regular Acts of Kindness” are never given as some sort of quid pro quo; Natalie gives freely from an open and compassionate heart center. She is my role model and inspiration for how to be in the world. I am so grateful that we wound up as sisters in this life and look forward to many more years of sharing our laughter and unique perspectives with each other. Here’s to my sister Natalie and embodying a “Regular Acts of Kindness” way of being in the world in all of our lives. Imagine the possibilities for transformation in all of our lives!


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