Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Defining Moments

Defining Moments include the seemingly small details in our lives that lead to major life changes. These moments often sneak up on us, challenging our core beliefs regarding our identity and how the world operates. Defining Moments serve as a wake up call, directing us to examine our values and actions; they demand our full attention.  Our values tend to be lived out in small daily actions, both in and out of our conscious awareness. When we fail to pay attention, we miss the critical details that make up our lives, lose what we most value and ultimately lose ourselves.

Defining Moments can be wonderful or dreadful.  Several of my outstanding Defining Moments occurred as the result of recognizing previously ignored gifts – valued family and friends, unanticipated acts of kindness and generosity, the luxury of having many life choices and the ability to engage in meaningful and enjoyable work. Some of my most challenging Defining Moments resulted from the recognition that I had outgrown a current situation or relationship and it was time to move on. The challenge resulted from a mismatch between the timing of the recognition and my readiness to initiate a life altering change.

Defining Moments invite us to be fully present. What might currently be a Defining Moment in your life that is demanding your attention and calling you into the world of challenge, change and action?


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  1. You have an interesting and informative blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. thanks for sharing.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words Sridhar!