Thursday, September 3, 2015

Your Personal GPS Navigation Device

Your Personal GPS Navigation Device

by Janet M. Shlaes

GPS Navigation:

GPS navigational devices are no longer considered a luxury when purchasing a new car. We depend on these systems on a daily basis in our cars, phones, tablets and other easily transported electronic devices.  The beauty, and I suggest magic, inherent in this type of system is that it provides up to the second information regarding your location with regard to your intended destination. In an instant update, you can see where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to be. You can also see an estimated time of arrival, as well as a variety of options for pausing to literally and metaphorically refuel via gasoline, rest stops, restaurants and potential points of interest along the way to your desired destination. How amazing is that?

Off vs. On Track:

The most miraculous function of the GPS is the “Recalibration Function.” Once the system is programed for your intended destination, you are immediately alerted when you stray from your original plan. This function is ruthless in design; it doesn’t let up on repeatedly informing you when you are off track and what is needed to recalibrate and get back on track. Unless you intentionally reprogram your destination or ignore the repeated messages regarding the need for recalibration, the message loop persists.

Your Personal EPS:

Each of us is born with our own personal EPS (Emotional Position System), designed originally to promote surviving and ultimately to promote a state of thriving. Similar to the GPS type of navigation system, out Personal EPS empowers us to see where we’ve been, where we are and where we are heading within the framework of our intended and desired outcome. Our EPS, similar to the GPS, lets us know when we are off track and need to recalibrate. Due to a variety of life factors, many of us learn to ignore these recalibration messages, essentially turning down the emotional volume of these messages until they become too loud or too painful to ignore. The beauty of our EPS navigation programming is that it’s designed to bring us to what we truly need in life, even when we are not consciously aware of what we may need in the moment; it even is programmed to let us know when we need to stop for a rest and to refuel.

Optimizing Your Personal EPS:

I invite you to image how wonderfully different your experience of being in the world could be via listening to your Personal EPS. Imagine a world where you intuitively know and listen to when: you are on and off track; a situation (relationship, job, etc.) feels good, adequate or toxic; you are moving through the world in an authentic or false manner; you are clear or confused about your desired destination; and, when you recognize and honor your need to rest, refuel and recalibrate. What one action step can you take today to reprogram and tune in to your Personal EPS navigation device?


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