Monday, November 3, 2014

Conscious Choices

Your current reality reflects the sum total of your prior choices. If you are like most individuals, your typical choices end up being made from a more reactive than proactive stance. Every day, you are faced with a myriad of choices, from the comparatively “simple” ones regarding self-expression, where to live and work, money and relationships, to the more complex ones regarding ethics and morality. What many fail to realize is that most choices turn out to be significant ones in the long run; even seemingly small ones - made without much thought, self-awareness or effort - ultimately have a cumulative life altering impact.

How do you characteristically approach your various life choices? Do you make decisions based on self-awareness, intention, values and principles that serve as a guiding template? Or, do you make what I refer to as “decisions by default,” essentially not choosing anything or following the path of least resistance? Ironically, not making a decision ultimately serves to release a flow of unanticipated and often unwanted outcomes. Most “decisions by default” result from fear – of the unknown, what others will think or feel or of unwanted consequences.
Although it may initially seem easier to take the reactive path in terms of choosing, you ultimately may wind up with someone else’s version of who you should be and what you should do. Consciously choosing in matters large and small requires courage and faith – the courage to mindfully and respectfully act from your highest values and the faith that things usually work out in the long-run. Conscious decision-making often feels ambiguous and highly challenging in the immediate moment, however, it’s almost always worth doing over the long-term.

Your current reality reflects the sum total of your prior choices. How will you make your choices today and every day? What reality will you set into motion today? I invite you to step into the experience of conscious choice and notice the difference in what unfolds over time in the various aspects of your world.


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