Saturday, June 29, 2013

Inspiration: Day 9 - 30 Day Challenge

I set out on my early morning walk feeling uninspired and unmotivated - thinking about today’s blog, what I would write about and not coming up with anything that felt remotely, inspirational, motivating or energizing. After following my usual walking route and basically being on auto-pilot, I absentmindedly turned down a new street and happened upon a design studio with the following quote by Omer Arbel in the window:

 By focusing on the process, rather than on an end result, we often stumble upon great discoveries.

I was literally stopped in my tracks. The quote sent me on a journey of exploring my experience in the unique worlds of process and outcome; then, I remembered a beloved quote from He Man Comics that has always intrigued me:

Live the journey, for the destination is but the doorway to the next journey.

And then, I remembered the story about Albert Einstein regarding his hitting a roadblock in his research, taking a break to take a nap, having a dream about riding on a light beam, waking up with an “aha moment” and then generating the formula e=mc². And then, I recalled that almost all of my creative inspiration moments occurred after shaking things up a bit – walking down a foreign street, moving out of my comfort and/or competence zone, trying something new and perhaps a bit scary, talking to a stranger that turned out to be a wise soul, etc.

Most likely, you have experienced a similar version of turning down an unfamiliar road - a time when you were open to a new experience with no expectations or demands; you were simply open to and in awe of the unexpected. Essentially, you were embodying the wisdom of “focusing on the process" and "living the journey.”

What new street have you walked down lately? What new street will you walk down tomorrow?


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