Thursday, February 20, 2014

Embracing Obstacles for Surprising Results

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes – large, small, consequential, inconsequential, temporary or chronic, those that are easily anticipated and those that take us completely by surprise. What do most obstacles have in common, you might ask? Ironically, many of the obstacles that we face present us with an unusual mix of opportunities for growth, creativity, learning, optimization of our present resources and next level results. These next-level results serve to shift who we are, how we view our world and ultimately how we move through the world and elegantly transform others.
Phil Hansen, artist extraordinaire, in his much viewed TED Talk, shares how he was able to shift a major life obstacle into a transformational approach to life, work and creativity. I invite you to invest a few minutes of your time to witness Phil’s amazing journey of embracing his obstacle as a means to shift from surviving to thriving. What obstacles are you currently experiencing that you can embrace right now to transform your world in amazing and unanticipated ways? Think about it……
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