Thursday, July 18, 2013

Playing It Safe: Day 28 - 30 Day Challenge

We live in a world of uncertainty, where change is the only constant. Why then, do we frequently attempt to create a world that completely eliminates the element of risk?

 I’m not suggesting becoming reckless in terms of physical, psychological or financial matters or engaging in a regimen of unhealthy eating, as seductive as that might feel at times. I am proposing that an aspiration of completely avoiding risk is both impossible and can directly lead to a less than gratifying life. In my work with life-story interviews, I find the peak memories that individuals report to be exceptionally compelling. These peak memories include personal/professional risks and taking the road less traveled, so to speak.  Alternatively, their biggest regrets are around opportunities and risks not taken.

I believe that a bit of intentional risk can be productive, satisfying, growth enhancing and can even lead to highly positive outcomes. Imagine what might be possible if you took the risk of being respectfully authentic in your relationships. Imagine what might be possible if you risked challenging your assumptions regarding your personal limitations. Imagine what might be possible if you expanded your safety and comfort zones, step by small step. Last, but certainly not least, imagine what might be possible if you gave yourself permission to make a mistake while learning something that you’ve always dreamed of learning.


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