Friday, July 19, 2013

Digital vs. Analog: Day 29 - 30 Day Challenge

How do you tend to perceive and understand your world - through a digital or an analog state of mind? Do you primarily observe and come to conclusions from an either/or perspective or a both/and state of mind? Each approach has both pluses and minuses and impacts our subsequent perceptions and experience in the world.

 At various points in my life, I have primarily lived in a digital or analog mindset world. As I get older, I much prefer the elegance of the analog state of mind. I imagine there is a developmental or maturity aspect attached to this evolution. What I know for sure is that it feels more loving, kind, enjoyable and generous to move through the world with an analog state of mind; a wonderful and surprising bonus is the experience of an inner softness and a deeper connection with others.

What about you?



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