Thursday, October 23, 2014

Strategic Limits

Unlimited Choices
Have you ever visited a restaurant with a twelve page menu? What was your internal experience as you surveyed the seemingly unlimited range of choices? Remember a time when you were given a critical bottom-line work project to accomplish in an unrealistically brief timeframe, coupled with a dearth of guidance and resources – both human and financial. What was your immediate reaction to this directive? Living in a world of expansive choice can simultaneously provide enormous upside and downside potential. For many, the immediate downside includes feelings of being overwhelmed, unfocused, high anxiety and overload, with a bit of “deer in headlights” frozenness thrown in for good measure. Let me explain……

Generating Limits
Living in a finite world, I am frequently reminded of the reality of resource limitations - time, physical, intellectual and psychological. You only get twenty-four hours each day to work with on planet earth; you also have basic needs for physical, intellectual and psychological rest and nourishment. When your unique fundamental needs fail to be met, you will most likely feel highly unresourceful situations demanding your most resourceful self. The natural human tendency when faced with this type of circumstance is to work harder and faster. Ironically, the optimal approach is to initially slow down and work smarter – an approach often realized through generating strategic limits.

Utilizing Limits
Strategic limits produce the freedom to do less and accomplish more. As you develop the skill of creating limits, your results and overall satisfaction with your experience will expand exponentially. I invite you to take on the skill of employing strategic limits by starting out with small challenges. Visit a restaurant with a limited menu that includes your favorite items. Identify and focus on leverage points in your professional challenges. Request specific accountability limits when faced with impossible project timelines. For example, ask your clients and supervisors which project they want you to focus your attention and resources on first. Let them know that you are committed to the desired results and are requesting that they prioritize where they want you to focus your immediate resources.

As you step into the world of strategic limits, notice your experience as your life force is focused on priorities, leverage points, realistic ambitious challenges and optimal stretches. Where in your life will you choose to create strategic limits to expand your results and satisfaction? What one step will you take today to leverage your time, talent and resources? Imagine the possibilities….


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