Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shifting from Knowledge to Wisdom

As humans, we often operate in a paradigm of fear and avoidance. So much of our time is spent focusing on the accumulation of knowledge in service of a misguided goal of avoiding the inherent risk in being fully alive.  Sometimes this quest takes on a desperate form of conduct, coupled with the hope that accumulating enough knowledge will provide the equivalent of a “Get out of Jail Free” card. Obtaining “enough” information will subsequently allow us to bypass an undesired experience without having to endure the inherent risk in the situation at hand.

I am not in any way suggesting that we eliminate expanding knowledge in our lives or that we become foolish with regard to the element of risk. What I am proposing is adding another ingredient to the accumulation of knowledge process. I invite you to consider stepping into the possibility of employing knowledge as a temporary destination on the road to wisdom. True wisdom integrates the benefits of knowledge with insight, perspective, good judgment and understanding. Wisdom encompasses a never ending journey where risk is always present. What is absent on this journey is the perception of risk as something to avoid. What is present is the experience of risk as an ingredient in our unique recipe of life, one that adds much sweetness to the final product.

The funny thing about wisdom is that when you actively seek it out, it often avoids you. When you are able to lean into and embrace the confusing, risky and delightful elements inherent in the learning process, wisdom often taps you on the shoulder when you least expect. The most important aspects of moving from knowledge to wisdom are the ability to focus on your vision, the capacity to stay open to how your vision will unfolds and being fully present to your journey.

How do you experience your journey of moving from knowledge to wisdom?


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