Monday, August 5, 2013

“Slow Time”

We live in a culture that embraces and celebrates speed, especially in the realms of communication, action and results. Who wouldn’t prefer the quick result over the long drawn out process? When I compare communicating and accessing information via the internet from year to year, I am both astounded and amused at how impatient most of us have become if we have to wait more than a few seconds for information. This impatience carries over into other domains in our lives, often times to our detriment and to the irritation of those we interact with. Over time, I have found there are many costs connected to our speed attachment and benefits resulting from intentionally integrating “Slow Time” into every day.

Entering the world of “Slow Time” can take on a different rhythm for me from day to day. A constant in my slowing down routine is a daily meditation practice. Some days this practice feels like an elegant melody and some days, I may sit in meditation while systematically going over a mental “to do” list. Some days, my “Slow Time” might consist of a mid-day or early morning meandering walk, an online search for some obscure and interesting piece of information, writing poetry or reading an article that seemingly has nothing directly to do with the real task at hand. Surprisingly, when I intentionally enter the world of “Slow Time,” something counter intuitive results from this process. I become more creative, energetic, patient and a much nicer person to be around. Ironically, my intentional immersion into the world of “Slow Time” serves to facilitate moving into the world of “Fast Time” and warp-speed results.

How could you enter the world of “Slow Time?”


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