Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Safety Zones: Day 20 - 30 Day Challenge

Safety devices are everywhere, designed to eliminate or decrease the risk of danger in our lives and the lives of those we hold dear. These devices show up everywhere – in locks, child proof bottles, household appliances, seat belts, circuit breakers, overflow valves, sump pumps, etc. The list is endless. There are even pedestrian areas – designated safety zones – specifically designed to reduce the likelihood of injuries or fatalities.

A safety zone mindset can be a positive factor – to a point. When taken to the extreme, however, this very same mindset can severely constrict our experience in many life areas. I am referring to the human desire to create safety zones around relationships, travel, work, etc. Although these zones can create real safety at times, it's impossible to account for and prevent every potential life danger.

The cost to us of embodying an extreme safety zone mindset can be high in terms of personal growth, joy, competence, adventure, meeting some amazing people and having some amazing experiences. Please be assured that I am not advocating completely discarding a safety mindset and throwing proactive caution to the wind. What I am suggesting is that too much of any good thing – including safety zones – can serve to limit us in our relationships, work and entire life. Here’s to the art of strategically expanding our safety zones! 


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