Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clearing Out the Clutter: Day 23 - 30 Day Challenge

One of my favorite things to do when I am feeling unmotivated is to clean out one of my closets. There is something miraculous that happens, both internally and externally, when I surrender to this lovely process of creating empty space. I become surprisingly ruthless with regard to paring down and eliminating “stuff” that I haven’t used or worn in the last year, neatly packing things in containers to give to others. I refer to this clearing away process as “transferring energy.” Perfectly good items that seemed like a good idea at one point in time are passed on to others who can utilize and derive pleasure from them. Externally, I wind up with both a practical and aesthetically pleasing result - uncluttered, organized closets that contain the essence of what is truly needed.
The real magic, however, takes place internally. Through engaging in this “energy transfer” process, an opening occurs to reveal something that I previously wasn’t even aware existed. In addition to feeling energized and motivated, creativity emerges from deep within. Any project that I might currently be struggling with somehow comes together in my mind’s eye. Connections and possibilities, previously obscured from view, are elegantly revealed as I literally and metaphorically clear out the clutter.

What is your personal version of clearing out the clutter?


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