Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If You're Asking the Question: Day 5 - 30 Day Challenge

We ask questions because we are curious and want to know more about ourselves and the world that we live in. The answers we receive to our questions can provide information, knowledge, structure, guidance, wisdom and can also serve to reduce inner conflict or cognitive dissonance. We often struggle with questions regarding critical life choices.

 Many years ago, when I was studying Organizational Structure with Robert and Rosalind Fritz, I had a powerful experience regarding questions during a training unit on a particular method for facilitating decisions. Although the process we were learning was primarily utilized in a business/professional context, it was also effectively used in other life domains. The consultants in the training were divided into small groups to learn/master the decision process, utilizing a real life example from someone in the group. I volunteered to work on a decision that I had been struggling with for several months. I provided the overview regarding the decision and my group then proceeded to map out and “play” with the critical elements of the decision.  

 Rosalind Fritz, our primary trainer, circulated among the various small groups in the training, providing direction when needed. She silently observed our group and the carefully mapped out chart we had created of decision elements. She asked us what the question was that was guiding our decision work. Rosalind thoughtfully and ironically responded: “If you’re asking that question, you already know the answer.” WOW! She was absolutely right.

 Many of the questions that we struggle with already contain the answer to the question. Timing is everything and Rosalind’s thoughtful response/observation regarding my question elegantly shifted me into a place of being ready to “know” the answer.

 What question are you struggling with right now that you already know the answer to?


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