Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Problem Solving

Problem Solving by Janet Shlaes, Ph.D.

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it."     
~ Albert Einstein

Many people think that the more effort you put into solving a problem, the faster you will come up with a solution. Ironically, the exact opposite is true. Sometimes, too much of the wrong type of effort serves to take you away from, rather than toward, your solution.  Additionally, taking this approach results in increased frustration and exhaustion. So, what’s the solution to solving a problem when it’s clear that what you’re doing isn’t working? The resolution begins via creating a transition space for a different type of consciousness to emerge. Albert Einstein often facilitated this by taking a nap when he reached a problem solving roadblock. Others do this by meditating, taking a walk, listening to music, reading, cooking or engaging in anything that provides a space between the old and not effective effort and the potential solution. The advantage of stepping into this practice when you’re feeling stuck around generating a solution is that you ultimately wind up working smarter instead of working harder. Try it the next time you are faced with a challenging and seemingly unsolvable problem and notice how different your experience is. Notice how creating a transition space for a different level of consciousness to arise, elegantly leads to your solution.  


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