Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Good Enough" Mindset

In a world where the predominant focus is on the pursuit of the perfection standard, I invite you to consider an alternative approach – adopting the objective of “good enough.” A “good enough” mindset is not about taking up residence in the land of mediocrity. Quite the contrary. The “good enough” mindset I refer to is a whole different animal. Let me explain. When you are focused on perfection, you essentially set yourself up for failure, never making the grade and ultimately feeling pretty bad about yourself and your performance. Mistakes are vilified, rather than experienced as opportunities for learning and a means to fine tune your process and enhance your results.

A “good enough” mindset fully utilizes your skills, focus and positive intention. Through this approach, you produce your best effort and then move on to other matters. As you consistently shift your focus to “good enough,” you ironically tend to produce some pretty high quality outcomes and feel good about your work and yourself. The added bonus in this approach is that your “good enough” serves to motivate and energize you, leading to increased results and next level growth and authenticity in your work and relationships.

I invite you to try on a “good enough” mindset for a week or two or three and notice what happens. Notice the shift in the quantity and quality of your results, your internal experience, your impact on others and your overall life enjoyment. Try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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  1. Janet - Nice piece for the perfectionists in the crowd. Good words for me. - (Neighbor on the recent airplane from Phoenix to ORD)