Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zen Beginner's Mind

I recently had the opportunity to explore Chicago, my home town, with a young woman from the Pacific Northwest. It was a particularly delightful journey on a variety of levels. The most enjoyable aspect was being able to view my beloved city from the perspective of someone who was seeing the beauty and magic for the very first time. As I pointed out the sights and talked about the history of Chicago, I found myself experiencing the wonder of my childhood again through Beginner’s Mind.
Beginner's Mind embodies the qualities of openness, enthusiasm, creativity and optimism. Through Beginner's Mind, one is able to take in the beauty and potential for wonder that is present in every moment. Beginner’s Mind empowers us to engage in the familiar at a simultaneously advanced and beginning level, seeing beyond the surface to experience wonder. Through serving as a tour guide, I was able to experience the beauty of Chicago again for the very first time. The power of Beginner’s Mind is that it provides us with the gift of wonder, expansiveness and connection – to our surroundings, ourself and others.

Where in your life would you like to experience Beginner’s Mind? What’s stopping you from doing this right now?


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