Monday, August 12, 2013


Change often feels as though we have been ambushed by a life event or series of events and thrust into a “between worlds” space. When change occurs, our old paradigm or way of being in the world no longer exists and we haven’t quite moved into a new paradigm. The impact of this “between worlds” space is unsettling and disorienting on a profoundly deep level – a level equivalent to an internal state of emergency. Although we may look the same on the outside when we emerge from the process of change, we are quite different internally in terms of how we view and move through the world. If we are lucky, we will have trusted and wise others in our lives to guide us through this “between worlds” space via their attuned and loving presence. Sometimes, we are the ones whose loving presence empowers others to optimally emerge on the other side of change.

One of my favorite passages regarding change and transformation is from the author Rebecca Solnit. Through her straightforward and graceful language, she speaks to the essence of our internal experience during change, as well as the inherent opportunities on the other side.

Inside the word emergency is emerge; from an emergency new things come forth. The old certainties are crumbling fast, but danger and possibility are sisters.

Where in your life have you emerged from the danger and challenge of change to receive the gifts of the abundant possibilities on the other side of change?


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